BOC keepers, a ? for you.....

little leaf

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what do you have on the bottom of your cage/s ? I am getting ready to build a 20' long X 10' wide boc, but my ? is, #1 ) do you have dirt,grass,stone? I would like to go w/ grass, but in a month- I will have a forest- how do you keep your grass under control for those who have grass ? my other thought is go put down a grass killing mesh, and cover it with river rock, and only let a few patches of grass grow there - any ideas, suggestions ?

#2 ) how much sun is best? I can place it in full sun, all day long, but I fear the heat factor on my Jax - or I can place it to get AM sun, no afternoon, and a bit of PM sun - this will be used by Jax, and Panthers - (not at the same time :p )

thanks for your help-
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