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Has anyone had to board their reptiles when they went away for a few days? We're all planning on going out of town for a few days in the spring and I am already wondering if I should board them with the vet's office or leave them home alone?

I know if I had to board them at the vet's office, I was told to bring in the cage, lights, ect., (and I'm assuming their food as well) along with my reptiles which seems like a lot of hassle, plus I would still have to pay the vet to watch them.

Since the chameleon has a timed mister and everyone (beardies too) has timed lighting, would they be okay for a few days by themselves? Of course if the power were to go off for some reason all the timers wouldn't then work.:cool:

What do you think?

Hi Shelby,

Although they would theoretically be alright, I couldn't do it with mine I don't think. What if something happened! I would not enjoy myself not knowing if they were ok. Do you have a trusted neighborhood kid that can come by and check on them a couple times a day? Someone that you can run through care procedures, etc with?

I have done it for two days at the most, but I make sure I put a couple extra crickets or silkworms in. Everything w/ my reptiles are on the timer. I have done this plenty of times and they are no worse for the wear. It is the same thing they will be getting every day. I have school plus work full time, so they do not see much of my anyways....not much of a difference :)
it would probly be better to ask a friend or neighbor to watch them. but only if you have to. that is what i do when i travel and i have a lot of reptiles nearly 50 or more
not a good idea

Hi again shelby

Before considering leaving your babys home alone please refer to this sites forum and take alook under a thread intiltled

parsons chameleons growth photos ( Its in general discussion)

chris anderson who runs this site, has extensive knowledge of chameleons and is a editor of chameleonnews this is by no means a personal dig at chris but is intended just to highlight what can happen when leaving any reptile home alone

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I would say don't leave them alone. Supposing their basking bulb blows or a chameleon falls off one of his/her branches? Moving them to the vets is going to be stressful as it is a change in surroundings. I would say either get someone in to look after them or don't go away. I only go away for a four night break once a year - I wouldn't consider going away for longer - and I have my mum looking after them every day.

BTW, in addition to Neil pointing out Chris Anderson came home to dead Parsons, a friend of mine entrusted his step son with the task of looking after his large collection of chameleons when he went away for a week during the summer a couple of years ago. His step son only gave the chameleons a drink one day during the whole week and so my friend came home to no less than 15 dead chameleons.
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