Blue Veiled chameleon?


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I recently pondered into a local pet shop after hearing that they stocked in some "Rare imported chameleons". so i walk in and ask about the chameleons, the owner takes me over to them. To my surprise, they look like completely ordinary Veiled chameleons, they looked about 5 months old and they were starting to get thier colors in. i asked him what was so special about them, he began to ramble on about "They were imported to the U.S. on a banana boat with my friend" yadda yadda ya. So anyways, down to the point, this guys selling each chameleon for $250 each.. and is there even SUCH thing as a BLUE Veiled chameleon?
Money Scheme.

However, there are some very "Blue" veileds being Captive Bred in Europe. 'Turquoise' is common in the US, just as all those other "morphs" that have been made up to market them like 'High Yellow' and 'Sunburst'. They all sell for the same though, and are priced by age, colouration, size and health.
Like Will said, it's a big marketing scheme. I can promise that they weren't imported on a banana boat, so realize you are dealing with a liar. Also, there are no known morphs of veiled. Sometimes veiled's are offered as turqoise or high yellow, but it is no gauruntee that the offsrping will resemble the parents. Steer clear of this guy and his shop.
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