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Here are some pics from this weekend.


  • Blue Tiger 5-27-2.jpg
    Blue Tiger 5-27-2.jpg
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  • Blue Tiger 6-10.jpg
    Blue Tiger 6-10.jpg
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  • Blur Tiger 6-10-1.jpg
    Blur Tiger 6-10-1.jpg
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  • Blue Tiger 5-27-3.jpg
    Blue Tiger 5-27-3.jpg
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Holy s#*t (sorry there is no other word that can describe him):D that must be one of the most stunning panthers i have ever seen. I love the dark blue in his bars!!!
Thanks everyone for the nice comments:D

He's only 6.5 months can't wait to see him getting the adult colors.

Here are a couple more...


  • Blue Tiger 5-13-5.jpg
    Blue Tiger 5-13-5.jpg
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  • Bleu Tiger 5-27-2.jpg
    Bleu Tiger 5-27-2.jpg
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OMG! He is incredible!!! I don't think his colors can get much better than that!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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