Bloated veiled, no egg shapes yet


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Now that i got her pooping normally again, im finding that she is still bloated and having trouble climbing to her normal height. She is now at the bottom of the cage, very lethargic but still eating. She doesnt eat as much as she used to but its still something.

Any ideas to what it could be? eggs? Ive placed a nest in the cage for quite a while only to have her ignore it and crawl out and hide beside it.

Your Chameleon - I have a veiled chameleon, female, about 7 months old. been in my care since 2 weeks of its birth i believe
Handling - Very rarely
Feeding - i feed her 5-7 dusted crickets every day that have been gut loaded with Tetramin fish flakes. for some reason, the crickets dont respond to vegetables.
Supplements - Currently using T-rex chameleon dust icb...not much info on the cover
Watering - i mist the cage twice a day for about 30 seconds each interval, i make sure everything is covered with droplets and i do see her drink.
Fecal Description - started taking massive droppings after i soaked her in warm water for 20 minutes, im pretty sure shes not constipated anymore
History - Im not sure if its egg laying time if that helps

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Using a glass cage...18'x18'x24', being tall
Lighting - i honestly cant remember what brand of bulb it is but it is a UVB light that i bought when i got her, i try to get her 12 hours of light but sometimes i have to settle for less due to her sleeping
Temperature - since its been cold lately its hard to get a constant temperature going, now it is about 75 on the bottom and 80? on the top
Humidity - usually about 50% between mistings
Plants - no live plants
Placement - the cage is not near high traffic, about 55' from the top of the cage to the floor
Location - central texas
here are some pictures if they help


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Are you sure she isn't gravid? It's kinda hard to tell but those look like gravid colors in the picture. Do you have an egg laying bin for her?
she doesnt have those colors often, only when i get near, i did have a place to lay her eggs but she ignored it and hid beside it
Ok it could be stress colors then. How long has she been on the bottom of her cage? That's not normal behavior have you taken her to a vet?
Also I would say that cage is way too small for her. She needs a larger screened enclosure. That maybe why she is so stressed.
i have taken her to a vet before she pooped due to the fear of an impaction, he gave her something to clear it, but i cant remember exactly, this was mid december-ish. shes been at the bottom of her cage for about 3 weeks now and i plan on moving her to a larger screen cage very soon.
Also I know I have seen discussions on my you shouldn't gut load with Fish Food but I don't remember all of it, Hopefully someone with more experience will chim in.
yes ive heard mixed reviews about gut loading with fish flakes, but ive been using this method for 7 months, wouldnt i have noticed something sooner or is this usually the time when chams go downhill due to improper nutrition?
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