Black spots on Veiled Chams head and part of is back close to his head?!


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I have a 10 month old veiled chameleon named Apollo. He listens to me play the guitar and afterwards lets me hold it. He shed awhile ago and I noticed black spots on part of his eyelid, his tubercle, and right below his head on his back. What could this be? Is it serious or should I just watch him and see if they go away? I just want him to be as healthy as can be and don't want to risk losing him, hes just to dang cute!
my veiled recently shed as well and a few black spots showed up. After a few days, they all went away.
maybe you could show us a photo of the spots? It'd give us a better idea of what you are talking about. In general though, as chameleons grow and shed they develop more color.
you should post some pictures. Chameleons can bruise very easily, check to see if there are any stray branches or foilage that could have poked him.
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