1. Raphael1047

    I need a second opinion

    i need a second opinion on my panther chameleons gender, here are some pictures. If she is a girl, is she gravid? i put a laying bin in her cage already just in case. and yes she does have a short tail and a black thing on her head. the black bump is under control though.
  2. LeahMcL

    Black spots on Veiled Chams head and part of is back close to his head?!

    I have a 10 month old veiled chameleon named Apollo. He listens to me play the guitar and afterwards lets me hold it. He shed awhile ago and I noticed black spots on part of his eyelid, his tubercle, and right below his head on his back. What could this be? Is it serious or should I just watch...
  3. sandrachameleon

    Bruise or?

    Preamble: I am caring for a small cham with bad MBD, but this thread is not about MBD. And, this is not my chameleon; a vet trip is therefore not an option. Please dont suggest a vet trip. Purpose of thread: Recently he developed (seemingly overnight) a small dark spot, like a bruise...
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