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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Raphael1047, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Raphael1047

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    i need a second opinion on my panther chameleons gender, here are some pictures. If she is a girl, is she gravid? i put a laying bin in her cage already just in case. and yes she does have a short tail and a black thing on her head. the black bump is under control though.
  2. mychamtini112012

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    I believe she is a female, even without seeing the base of her tail. She also does look kind of plump. Is she exploring the bottom of her cage a lot.? Pacing.? Not eating as much.? Has she ever been with a male.? Can you feel round marble-like objects when touching her belly.?
  3. jannb

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  4. Raphael1047

    Raphael1047 Member

    yes she has been a the bottom of her cage a lot and she has not been eating much, but she has not been with a male. i can't feel anything in her belly. could she be a he that is a little chubby and less color? what colors can girls be? because she has blue spots and red lines on her and i have not seen a girl that has blue yet.
  5. CamiGirl89

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    It is a female, and they can lay 1-3 clutches a year even without a male chameleon. Be sure to place a laying bin for her in her cage, especially if she has been down at the bottom of her cage and not eating much! Those are two classic signs of a female ready to lay her eggs. Make sure she has a minimum of 8 inches of clean play-sand that is damp enough to dig a tunnel in, and give her plenty of privacy. What happened to her little tail, if I might ask? Gives her some personality!
  6. Raphael1047

    Raphael1047 Member

    the people at the reptile store said it was a birth defect, but i am not really sure and i already have a laying bin in her cage.

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