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I have a chameleon that had a black spot on her side. i have read that this is somewhat common, but it has recently turned white. i dont know if she is about to she or what. has anyone heard about this before?


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Looks at first sight like a burn. Can she get too close to her basking lamp? If so then that could be the problem. If there is no way for this to happen then you might want to consider the possibility of fungus or another skin disorder.
Has it gotten bigger in size?
If she was my chameleon I would try to get her seen by the vet and see if he/she would prescribe Silvadene cream. That cream seems to work very well for burns as well as some skin disorders.
Well it defenatly has not gotten any bigger. Which is good. She could have touched the light. it is sitting right ontop of the cage. but i dont think that that is what happened, it could be though. The problem with the vet is it is kindda of expensive so i dont know if i can afford it. I will continue to keep a eye on it and see what happens. she still has not shed for a bit and i hope that when she does it will dissapear. Thanks for the response
If it is similar to this case ill describe below... It will eventually turn dark again. Then again, once she has shed, it will be white again. It'll repeat again and again until it has fully healed.

You can see on one of my WC imports here. Notice the right shoulder:

When I received him, He had a with hard crusty white mound. I applied a commun antibacterial cleanser to it (which's name has now slipped my mind) to insure that if there were any openings to the flesh it would stay clean. Your's does not have this problem, it appears just to be a surface thing.

Anyways, after two weeks of applying the treatment, the mound has dissapeared, it looked like flat discoloured skin. After he shed, it looked much better, and white. Since then it turned dark again, and it is repeating.
interesting... it is simular to yours but it is not a bump, it is flat against her skin. But like you said it isn't a cut. How often do chams shed. Shisha has a pretty random shedding schedule so far, is that normal or should it be more precise?
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