Black spot on tail


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There is a black spot at the base of my Mellers tail. It's been there a while and hasn't really gotten much bigger over the last 2 weeks or so. Thought it was shed that got stuck and we removed the shed, but it hasn't gotten much better. I cleaned it with alcohol free Listerine and applied some silvadene yesterday (white stuff in pics). I felt the area. Not texture difference in skin on affected area vs non affected areas. Not tissue density difference either. When i cleaned it nothing really "came off" and Ripley didn't really react. He's eating fine. No other health issues. Had a check up about 4 months ago and clean bill of health. We adjusted his enclosure in case it was a humidity/environmental issue. Any ideas? Our local Herp vet is only in the office 2 days a week and the nearest one after that is an hour and i don't want to stress him out like that unless we absolutely HAVE to...



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You pulled the shed off? If you did that is a BIG no no. Just looking at the picture possibly a burn or a bruise. If he was my chameleon a vet visit would be happening
The shed was almost off, but just wouldn't quite fall off. No real tension in coming off.


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Just by the shape of it I think it’s a burn and not a fungus infection, the black spot are burned a bit to severely and slightly around you got a light discolouration in green ish yellow, so a focal spot with a surrounding aerea;) make yourself sure the yellow green ish not growing up too. From the picture this one look young right? Cb ?
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