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just curious about what some people do when there is a blackout during the day and what would happen if you are not home as it is winter and the temperature is pretty low
Unless you lost electricity for a really long time I can't see that it would be much of a problem for the chams.

They can resist low temperature when it happens once... The problem would be to lost electricity for few days, you know...
well i guess im sorta lucky that we at least have gas heating so that would last for a while. i would hope that it happened while i was home so i could do something. well if it did go out i suppose you could get a car battery and a power converter to power most of your stuff. alot of the converters have battery clamps to hook it up. if your live in an area prone to blackouts i would suggest getting that setup. i live in central wisconsin and jsut by luck i got an old converter and a spare battery just in case. it was more for me but know it could work for at least a heat lamp for him and a heater for me. well just a suggestion.
I have been converting a shop building into my new chameleon room, and the panther chameleons are now officially living in it. Hopefully, by the end of my weekend, the leaf chameleons will be too. A power outage could easily wipe out my collection, because the temperatures get very low here. The shop is equipped with (new) electric heaters, and also has a wood stove. The wood stove is my backup in case of power outage. It can pretty easily heat the 800 sq ft shop up to about 70+ degrees.

I also found an alarm system online that I installed. It is programmed to call 3 phone numbers if the temperature drops below 55 degrees or goes above 85.
well they have super power converters that could run alot, almost as much a generator. we do have a wood stove in our basement but no wood and we dont use it cuz of my asthma the wood bothers me severely. we would ahve to get it swept too.
Can you e-mail me the site for that alarm on-line?

I worry about Manga at work during the winter months. No one is in the office on Sunday or at nights and it would be nice if the system would call me if the power went out.

Thanks for your help,
well i am in Buffalo New York. Last October we got hit from a crazy Snow storm. The whole city lost power for 1 week. I pack up tons of heat packs and place it under the cage. During weekend.........i bring them to the University i am in and try to connect the heat bulb (illegally...shhh!!!) to heat my babies!! HAHAHA!! Since University usually have a generator!!
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