black and puffed up


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hello. Irwin has been a dark color all day and he is black like he is ticked off. Why would this happen? It is extremely hot outside and inside today. Over 34 degrees. Should I have his heat lamp off? I am scared he will get too hot. He gets misted like once an hour. Any suggestions?
Black can be cold, black colors atracked the heat and white make you cooler. Or he is not happy, did anything happen around his viv? New plants and such around the outside of his viv?
What you can do is put a cloth over his viv and give him some privacy, if the dark remains see if the lamp still gives off UV and check the temp in the viv.
Where's he hanging out?
Lower part of the enclosure? Basking spot?
Did he eat?
Kitty does this sometimes....but not for the whole day.
Have any changes happened? (repeat question, but a good one)
Does he have places to perch that are above your eye-level?

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