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A couple months ago, I decided that I needed more animals. This time, wood frogs. Pleasant little guys living in/around our pond, fun to keep, and not unattractive either. There aren’t any out yet, as they’re still frozen underground, but it’s better to set stuff up BEFORE getting animals (even from your yard). What I came up with was a bioactive paludarium, horizontal in a long aquarium. Photos below:



The tank is 48x18x12, and only $75 off kijiji. The aquatic side consists of aquarium gravel, stones, spider plants with roots anchored in the gravel, and an island of tillandsia. On the other side, there are several inches of hydroballs, a filter layer, coco coir, and wild mosses, plants, and bits of bark.

I haven’t really seen any other paludariums with a shared water table like mine, probably because others need more than two inches of water. Because of it, the soil is constantly moist, probably from evaporation in the hydroball layer.

The list of future residents:
- wood frogs
- isopods (I like the powder blues, but recommendations are welcome)
- freshwater snails
- dolomedes triton (six spotted fishing spider)
- POSSIBLY fire-bellied toads
- POSSIBLY a superworm colony

List of plants:
- spider plant
- croton
- asparagus fern
- peace lily
- dracaena
- parlour palm (not sure, might replace it)
- tillandsias
- what might be a bladderwort (pic below)

Lots of mosses, mostly wild, too

Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated
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