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Before you know it, you’ll be on the constant look out for plants and accumulate quite a collection.
Here’s what the substrate looks like now! I’m probably gunna add one more bag of organic potting soil. One part sand, half a bag reptibark, one part sand, one 8qt bag of spag moss. What do you think?


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I use these and they are strong enough to keep hibiscus alive and thriving.
I won’t be using hibiscus inside again though as I had some pest problems that I attribute to them. I guess they are more susceptible to pests than other plants. I had trouble finding a weeping fig...looked for almost 2 years. Finally found one a few months ago at Walmart. I’ll be trying to get a money tree from Lowe’s. They always had a ton when I didn’t want one. Of course when I went to buy one, zero. I’m also buying smaller and harder to find plants off Etsy. Check landscaper places for umbrella trees and Walmart. I’m in Florida and Walmart is loaded with them of all sizes and variations.
Those dam white flies are so annoying😭
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