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Hey all, I'm not sure where this should go, but the description for the forum category said watering so I'm posting it here. As the title suggests, I have a Big Dripper running at all times, but I've never seen my girl Rinoa drink from it. She stands next to it a lot of the time, though. How do they drink from these sources? I've seen her drink from the mistings, but not from the actual dripper. I'm just sort of confused on the efficacy of these water sources.
I've seen my veiled sometimes take the tube into his mouth and drink from it like a straw; also they let the water drop off a leaf and then catch in in there mouth when it drips off.
Not only do they drink from the dripper but they will also use there tongue to lick dew, drops, ext from the leafs after mistings and water from the dripper.
Very rare you will experience this personally. At least that's my expirience with chameleons so far. Don't often catch them drinking much.


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some chameleons don't like to be seen when drinking, but mine ALL drink from drippers

does your big dripper have a tube/hose into the cage?
do the drips hit leaves?
how fast/slow does it drip (have you tried letting it drip faster)?


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She may be drinking , you just don't see/catch her.

Just monitor her poop and make sure her urate (the white part) remains white. If it begins to show yellow/orange , this is a sign that she is not drinking.

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