Big belly

So he removed an impaction? What do you mean by “butt plug?

I can see this thread going down hill fast so I might as well get it started... is he saying that the dehydration resulted in a lack of natural lube preventing you Cham from removing the butt plug on his own?
He said that he might not be acting his normal self due to the move from his previous owner to me. I forget the word he used but he didn't say anything about natural lubes. I do make sure to spray down his cage throughout the day. So I'm hoping soon he will start drinking more. BUT he wasn't worried about the dyhidration. He saw just one string.
never seen that coloration on the legs before .. sorry if I just missed it. Is that normal?
Yes I remember the owner telling me about it. I apologize I can't remember the words she used but she told me it was fine. The color is normal and it actually started more pink and she said with age it will change to a black color. She for him from a really good breeder who is trust worthy
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