big abbles mister

You want a misting system that will spray for a constant durations about five times or more, longer than the 4 minutes this system can sustain.
thats a little out of my league and any ways i would have a hose going half way across my house do you now of any companys
Its simpler to build your own than to even set up a "premade" one. (Parts: Hose to 1/4" connection, 1/4" ID hose, 1/4" nozzle. Total cost: >$40)

What ever you do, ensure the pump can sustain itself for more than 20 minutes or so of constant running.
You'll also want something that is 'Dry run' safe.
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If you want to go with a pump-based system, take a peek at Pro-Products' PMP-60 pump. It works well. All you need is their pump, some of their hose, and one mist nozzle per enclosure. Their pump is super quiet.

I like Pro-Products' pump and tubing:

I like the nozzle assembly (T-Deluxe or L-Deluxe) from:
Ask for the nozzle without the anti-drip valve.

I like the cream (105 degree mist spread & 0.0153GPM) colored mist nozzle from:
If you do end-up getting something from them, buy a selection to experiment with, including some spares if you ever plug-up one.
You can use the TORO fogging nozzles and 1/4 inch tubing running from your laundry tub...if you have a basement you can run it from there and up through the floor in perhaps a closet that is in your reptile room just like a cable line.
I second the Pro Products pump kit. They make good stuff over there (have a heat panel from them) and they are friendly and informative people. I like to have a backup pump standing by and I plan on getting it from them this month.

I found a diaphragm pump (similar mech design as the big apple one) that made from italy only cost US$10 each that work pretty good with a single nozzle. So, I had equipped a few for my cham cage.:D

Herewith the web site of this pump for your interest....
Mister comparisons

Here's the link you were looking for:
It has comparisons of most of the misting systems sold. I have the ProMist PM60. It is quite. It can accidentally run dry without a problem. I don't have to self prime. I can use as big a water resevoir as I want. The crimps are made for high temps like those in herp cages.

The link also shows how to make your own.

Good luck.
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