Best ways to oral medicate chameleons?

Took my boy to the vet to check out the mass on his wrist. Possible access or cist! Thankfully nothing worse than that so far. We’re taking baby steps so we’re doing oral medication.

Any tips on easy ways to medicate? Thinking of applying to foods or treats (maybe super worms, horn, or dubia as he loves those)
Hornworms are fine, kids syringe to the back of the throat is next best option but your Cham will hate you for it.
From what I know, you need something preferably soft bodied and big enough to hold the amount of medication. You could order hornworms online and administer the medicine by hand until they come in
My guy likes to hiss at me whenever I put my hand in his cage. I take advantage of his nasty disposition and have the syringe ready. When he opens his mouth to goes the syringe. He really Isn't a bad guy...he is just cage dominant. Once he is out of his cage he is ok.:rolleyes:
Im a bit late to the convo but anytime I need to medicate my chams I would slowly and gently hold them right behind the neck with my index and middle finger on each side. This usually causes them to hiss and open their mouths enough for me to get the syringe into the back of the throat. I only do this when they are being particularly stubborn. Generally, you want to avoid bringing your hand over the top of them which is why this method is a last resort.
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