Best online place for feeders


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Started introducing super worms to my Chams diet. Want to add some other options besides crickets. After looking through forums, many of you recommended eBay... is there any specific buyers that are more reputable? Or online suppliers you prefer? Thanks


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I'll 2nd, or 12th Rainbow Mealworms. Their prices, even with shipping, are much cheaper than my local shops and much better quality. Their customer service is top notch, too!!!! Whenever I order superworms or hornworms from them I make sure to tell them the size I want in the comments, that way they don't get too large.


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I buy via rainbow as well. Everything but my silks. Those I get from @Spyro88.
With rainbow their Phoenix worms are actually Black soldier fly larvae. I love that they offer the option to have your order held at the post office as well.


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Never tried rainbow feeders yet, I'll have to in the future. Ghanns has best crickets IME.

@Beman Phoenix worms = bsfl ;)
Huh. lol I always spell BSFL out for people because I was totally lost at first trying to figure that out. And then I thought rainbow didnt have them because they call them Phoenix worms.
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