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I have a Jacksonii for about a week right now. He seems to be doing very well in his cage. Great ventilation, great temps around low 80's. I have a live plant and some grape wood and vines etc. I wanted a better system of keeping his humidity in his range. I can Get the Humidity to about 65% at times, but does reduce after some time. I'd like to get him the best possible mister, humidifier I can get for him. I've been looking at a warm mist humidifier from K mart. Maybe rig it with pool hoses. I'd like him to thrive in his housing. He seems to be doing very well, I'd like to keep it that way. I have a 30"x30"X18" ESU cage. Repti-glo 8.0 flourescent, 100 watt basking lite. and a night time light. I mist him a good 5-6 times a day, to keep it as humid as I can until the humidifier upgrade. What do you guys think? Any reply is appreciated.
What species of Jackson do you have? (there are three). I used to keep a dwarf Jacksons - a Merumontanus. He was wild caught and lived with me for about three years. I used to keep him in a viv with no basking lamp - this is the only species I have ever kept without a basking bulb - and I live in cool England. Where do you live? I think 100 watt bulb is too much, maybe change to a 40 watt and there should be no night light.
Actually the basking is a 75 watt. I've been thinking about removing the basking light. If I do, I think the temp would remain about 75 degrees. Right now with the light, his basking area is about 82, at the most. At night, it drops to a nice 69-70 degrees. You think it should be cooler for him? I don't think removing one light is going to help out my humidity problem though. What do you use to keep your humidity up? And do you have any tips on the Jackson? Thanks.

I actually own a panther chameleon, so I can't help you with the basking light issue. However, I live in an area with very, very low humidity and have had to make some adjustments due to that. There is an article in Chameleon News about setting up a humidifier:

I believe Brad also has a set up like this, and I did too for a while. I changed mine to the picture you see below because I was having to run the humidifier so high that the holes plugged with condensation. Here is what I am doing now:


When I was investigating purchasing a jackson's chameleon, I found this site very helpful:

Please, keep us updated! And we all love pictures. :D

Great idea by the way. I will post pics tonight of my little guy. Is that a warm mist humidifier? Does it really matter if it is or not? thanks for the replies.
No, it is a cold mist humidifier. I go through humidifiers fairly quickly. After my first expensive one died, I started buying them from Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. This one has lasted almost a month now, and is my favorite so far! Only problem with the warm mist humidifiers is that they encourage a higher level of bacteria growth, which in turn leads to upper repiratory infections. Even a cold mist needs to be disinfected on a very regular basis. I clean mine every other day.

Heika, thanks for posting that link to the Jacksons website. I have never seen that site before but I have saved it to my favourites now.:)
Chamgirl said:
Heika, thanks for posting that link to the Jacksons website. I have never seen that site before but I have saved it to my favourites now.:)

Sure, glad you enjoyed it. I was very impressed when I drifted onto it. The pictures alone are worth taking a look at the site!

great site

Hi heika

What a great site that is, although ive no experience in keeping jacksonii
i found myself glued to the site and am now wiser in more forms of chameleon husbandry. thanks (has geocities one for any other specie of chams ?)

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Hi Neil,

I have never seen another site quite like that one for a chameleon species. Geocities is a free website hoster, and it looks like the site was made by a private chameleon keeper. It is very good, it would be wonderful to see other species sites with as much information.

Oh, I love that site too, it is incredible. I would love to own mellers one day, when I have learned enough to keep them well.

Many thanks for that link lisa another great site, i already new of this one but i still have a look from time to time as it reminds me of when i used to keep them back in uk.Whould love to keep them again but id probably have to many issues trying to deal with humidity here in spain and i dont have the cage space anymore (they require huge cages) not only that ive not seen any for sale here which is a bit of a problem

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Smin said:
I have a 30"x30"X18" ESU cage. Repti-glo 8.0 flourescent, 100 watt basking lite. and a night time light.

It was suggested to me that I use a Repti-SUN 5.0 or 10.0 for UVB instead of my repti-glo.
The reptiglow does not give off as much UVB as the ReptiSUN.

Here is a link to that post(s) about the best lighting for UVB...

I think it's on page 3 &4 in this first link.

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