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What is the best way to feed my baby jackson's? Do I let the crickets run free in the cage and let him hunt em down or do I put em in a container of sorts and let him go after them that way? Here are some pictures of my setup. The glass cage is temp and I have read that it is ok for babies (he is three weeks old). Aquired him from a friend of mine whose chameleons had babies. Too many plants in my setup? Is that possible?



Hi.. I don't believe that there is such a thing as too many plants. After looking at your setup, I would remove the carpet. It will hold in water and be a breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, even if you cup feed, a few will escape and hide under it. Paper towels will help to absorb the moisture from misting, and you can toss them out and replace them pretty easily.

If you decide to free feed, you will want to remove the crickets at night so that they don't chew on your little guy. You will also want to make sure that your cham is finding them. It might be easier on him if you cup feed him until he gets a bit bigger.

cup feeding is very nice when they are little. The little feeders are hard to find later and if there in the cup you know your guy ate them. Also if they are in the cup you know the dust is on them. I found free range crickets seem to loose the dust. But you got the cham to watch is do its thing so free range a little after he eats his good dusted crickets.
Mine is about yours age and i don't have a problem with it eating crikets that are roaming in the cage. What plants did you use in your set up?
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