Best cage to buy for adult veiled chameleon??


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Hello im looking to upgrade my chams cage to a adult sized caged 4-6+ feet. I live in FL so it stays outside most of the time out on the pool deck. sometimes dureing rain storms as well. but we try to move it back in by the house or inside be for a storm. if the winter is cold windy ect it will be inside with reptisun bulb. but it is outside as much as it can all year long. What cage is best for my cham? been looking at Zoo Med ReptiBreeze xl size cage. also the Jumbo (XXL) Screen Reptile Habitat Cage with Aluminum framing&Removable PVC floor.& the Apogee Reptarium with soft tray.what is best for my cham im also looking to put live cham safe plants inside the cage. also what driping or misting system is best? (please keep in mind I do have wood floors so I cant have water all over the floor when it is indoors & what do you guys do about drainage?
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