Behaving odd


Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon. nearly 6 months, male and been in my care 2 and a half months (Gizmo).
Handling - Very rarely. I think we have got him out 3 times maximum
Feeding - I am feeding size 3 crickets, Dubai Roaches, hatchling locust, calci worms and silkworms. He has about 10 crickets and 2 roaches or locust and about 5 mixed worms every other day. I gut load with spring greens, rocket, sweet potato, dandelion leaves and bug burger. I put feeders in in the morning.
Supplements - I use calcium without D3 every feed and I use d3 and multivitamins twice a month.
Watering - I spray 3 times a day for 5 minutes. I have seen him drink a few times. (well I think he is he normally has his back to me). I also have a dripper set up and i use it mainly when I am at work (I only work in the morning) and I have not seen him drink from it.
Fecal Description - His poop is normal and urates are an offwhite colour. He has never been tested for parasites.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Medium reptibreeze mesh terrarium 16 x 16 x 30-Inches
Lighting - I use an exo terra dual canopy with repti sun 5.0 uvb bulb and a standard tube bulb. I have the lights on 12 hours a day 7am to 7pm.
Temperature - My temps are 29 degrees at the top and 19 towards the bottom. I have a digital thermometer.
Humidity - humidity is around 50%. I mist the cage and I have a digital hydrometer.
Plants - I have 2 live ficus plants and an umbrella plant.
Placement -The cage is in the corner of my living room.
Location - Peterborough, UK

Current Problem -I am not sure if it is a problem as such but my little guy has started to stay towards the bottom of his cage in the day time. What could the reason be? It has been hot in the uk lately so is he trying to stay cool? He is lovely and active though and has a strong grip. He eats really well and although I don't see him drinking very often I am sure that he does. I just want him to be ok. Before we has Gizmo we lost our 1st chameleon after having him for 4 weeks so I am probably being paranoid. As I am writing this he is currently at the top basking.

Another question I have is when do I need to upgrade his cage? I plan on getting an ReptiBreeze, Extra Large, 24 x 24 x 48-Inches will this be ok?
are your temps measured in Celsius?

he may be walking around at the bottom because he doesnt like what he has to climb on, he could be hot, or a few other things.

when you upgrade the enclosure i would go even bigger than a 24X24X48 if you have the means.

in the mean time will you post pictures of your enclosure and up close ones of your chameleon
are your temps measured in Celsius?

Sorry yes they are.

He started to give me his dark colours when I was taking his picture. He must be a bit camera shy lol. Any advice is appreciated. He always stays to the left hand side as well.


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It looks pretty good. I would just add vines which you should be able to purchase online. Make sure to add horizontal branches too.
I would upgrade his cage now, it won't hurt, and it may even solve your problem. I got my veiled at 4 months old and started him in a 24 X 24 X 48.

Your temps seem to be ok, but like she said, add some more horizontal branches for him to climb on.
I don't really handle him. I really need to start hand feeding him but I am squeamish about holding the insects. I have tried tweezers and he flared up at them.

He probably just doesn't know what they are. As soon as he figures out that food comes from the tweezers, they'll be his new favourite thing.
In the set of three pictures you posted, The third picture there seems to be some white deposit on you plant. Is that from your dripper or a water source. That seems to be a lot of deposit.. If it is from a water source, you might want to switch to distilled water or some type of filtered water. Also If it has been a little hotter lately where you live then he probably just wants to be where it is a little cooler in the cage. Hence hanging out near the bottom, away from the lights. Looks good otherwise! Keep up the good chaming!!:D
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