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between the next couple of weeks i'm going to begin breeding my 2 panthers:D .
i was woundering if anyone had any thoughts on saftey and technique. how long to leave them 2gether, and danger involved.?
breeding panthers


Breeding panthers doesnt usally present to many problems,depending on the tempeament & size of your chams the female is presented to the male(if the male is a virgin watch that he does not become to exited and is aggressive towards the female).Usually after a few minutes but up to a couple of hrs the male should approach in courtship.The williness of the female is apparent by the lightening or brightening of her colour if this carrys on she is ready to mate,the pair must then be left together for several days or until she resumes her nonreceptive colours.Virgin females will be in a state of receptivity for up to around 3 months and may allow several more copulations over the next few days.The female should then be removed and returned to her normal cage.eggs should be layed 3-6 weeks later provide her with a suitable nesting site
panther breeding - intervals

My female panther layed eggs in mid-october. Anyone know when she will be ready to mate again? How many months usually pass b/t the laying of new clutches of eggs?
breeding season?

I guess I am clueless - when exactly is breeding season?? I mean, we live in Cincinnati Ohio - I'm not sure when chameleon breeding season is in Cincinnati? Actually I'm quite sure there is no chameleon breeding season in Cincinnati Ohio. :p All I know is that she is about a year old - she layed eggs mid-october (much to my surprise), and she appears to keep getting fatter and fatter. I currently have her caged with a new male panther that is about 6 months old. I plan to separate them after they mate. They seem to be getting along ok in the same cage for now - there is plenty of space for them to be visually separated.... no signs of aggression... I assume that if they mate I will know b/c she will obtain the gravid coloration -- right?? If there is no way to predict when she will be ready to mate - is it ok to keep them in the same cage for a while longer?

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Female panthers are receptive to mating as soon as they reach maturity, there is no breeding season 6 months of age is probably to young to breed they should be seperated as soon as the female resumes normal colouration regardless if they seem to get on

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