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Hey everyone. It's been a long time since my last visit.

I have a veil who has been with me for two or more years, and I FINALLY managed to get my hands on some bee pollen. I saw some last year when I was out of town on a fruit stand road trip, but didn't have any money!! Well fruit stand season has come again and this time I went prepared! I have it!

Anyway... how do I best feed it to my crickets? Should I add a little tray of it as is, or should I grind it up? Should I add it to anything, or leave it in its own tray?

Currently I gutload my crickets with orange cube, fluker's high calcium cricket diet, blue gel, and whatever veggies I'm feeding my beardie at the time. Usually apple, carrot, or greens. Each one has it's own little tray.
If its the good, fresh stuff that are in granule/pure form

1.) keep it in the freezer for longer shelf life
2.) grind it before serving to your feeders
3.) its good for you too, have a scoop every once in a while. I mix it with hot water and a little agave nectar ;)
Currently I gutload my crickets with orange cube, fluker's high calcium cricket diet, blue gel

BTW-- this stuff is crap. Feeding high amounts of straight calcium will kill off crickets. The flukers orange cubes will also grow bacteria once opened (which will kill crickets) and should be kept in the fridge.

stick with your veggies and fruits, and look into the blends/gutloads people make on here. Sandracham has an awesome blog on what to feed your feeders
I don't know how fresh it is, but it looks just like the granules when I look the stuff up, and I just broke the seal on the 227 gram container, and it smells delicious.

They don't really need the bran part of the diet then?

I have always kept the orange cube in the fridge :)
That's a hefty list, but I'll see if anything pops out at me at the health food store, lol.

No promises. the bee pollen only took me two years. ;)
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