Becca’s Bane is Back Home With Me


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We picked up Bane this morning at the FedEx hub. He enjoyed his ride home and really like my husband Mike. He seems to be settling in very well on his condo.







Chameleon Enthusiast
Aww...handsome Bane! So glad he’s arrived safely. :)

Yea, me too. The tracking never updated and it looked like he was still at the drop off hub until 1:47 this morning when it finally updated when he arrived in Memphis.

Haha In glad Bane is happy!

I hope he’s happy. He seems to be.

Oh Jann I am so relieved he arrived safely... Thank you for being so kind through this process. It really meant the world to me. ❤️

Me, too! You are very welcome.
Sorry you had to give Bane up...but glad he's in a great place!

It had to be hard for Becca to pack him up and send him off but I’m glad I could help.

It's great to see that Bane is doing well!

Yes, it is awesome to see him doing well and all grown up.


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Glad you could help too. At least Becca can see him on here now.

I’m always happy to help when I can. Becca will see plenty of Bane. That’s for sure. 😍

Just :love:🙌:love:

Splendid.......starting to notice the benefits of free ranging for these little fella´s ✌️

Free ranging is excellent for chameleons and other animals, too, especially veileds that often become cage aggressive.

It's so nice to see that people can become such great friends over a website and help each other when in need. You are a great person to help Becca 💙

I have made many wonderful friends on here over the years. I always take my kids back is something happens and the new owner can not longer keep them. So far I’ve had two come back from this clutch. My little girl, Angel, back in November when her momma became very ill and now Bane since Becca’s going through a rough time. I’m always happy to help out when I can.
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