because I have a chameleon you are going to be like that?


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Venting here for a little. I am a newer chameleon owner, so I don't know if this is normal. I am not a child here, I am an adult, a military veteran, who recently graduated from cosmetology school. Today I stopped at the school I graduated from a month ago, to get my hair done and see some friends. I know a few of the people there know I got a chameleon, because I have plastered facebook with pictures and posts of him. I also know that not everyone is into reptile, I myself am not a fan of snakes, or most children. Most of the people I saw today were asking about him, and stuff. One person, who I really thought was a friend, was all like "eeewww, what the hell is that!" (when I was showing someone else a picture of him today.) And she was plane rude to me because I now own a lizard and then basically ignored me because of this. Really? who acts like that? I have watched like 50 videos of her 4 year old singing songs or dancing, I don't really like children but I was never rude to her just because she has one. And she is a facebook friend who is ALWAYS on FB so I know she already knew I had the lizard. I'm not mad so much as hurt by such childish behavior from another adult, who I thought was my friend. It isn't like I took him with me into the salon. So I guess you don't really know your friends till you get a chameleon.


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It is really just ignorance. Obviously thats the kind of person she if that is how they wanna act. Not really the mature thing to do, but other than calling her out not much you can do but grin and bear it..


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I deal with it everyday! My in laws hate reptiles and they voice their opinion about it. To me it helps educate my kids about other animals out there besides dogs and cats. My son helps me clean feeder bins, feeds my beardie all the time, and he's only 4. I'm getting to jacksons here in July and I'm hoping that he'll continue helping me.


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Sounds like she's just a drama queen hoping to make enough of a stir that others jump to her viewpoint. Best of luck ignoring her, but I'd probably think about deleting her from your FB friends. I'm thankful that I've never encountered that kind of resistance - my parents think my chams are really neat when they come to visit. Good luck! :D

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It sounds like you are a good person, and have many other friends who DO like your cham - let her go - you dont need a friend like that - being a military veteran ( THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE :D ) I am sure you know who to handle people and work with them- this person obviously still remains in that " high school" state of mind ~ hang here - we LOVE chams !! :p


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Thanks guys. I don't plan to do anything other than ignore it. I was just shocked. We already have the rule in our house "the dogs (2 pitties, and a cane corso) live here, so if you don't like dogs, don't come over, we wont be locking them away for anyone."

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I feel your pain. I told people for years that our cham was "my son's". Now he has moved out, but I still have a chameleon. A chameleon living like a king in my son's old bedroom... :) I'm going to have to come out of the closet with my love for the lizard!


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I've had responses like that before, one lady told me what an ugly animal is my precious Yak.
I did not take it personal because that is just her point of view, no harm intended, just expressing her opinion.
At the end of the day, my Yak is happy with his proud dad, and that lady will never have to come in contact with him.

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