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Hey Cham lovers,

I have a gorgeous Graceful "esperanza" or "espe" for short who I've had for over a year now. She was originally my daughters, but quickly became "my" chameleon.

I have a dilema - I need to find her a good home. I have been traveling quite a lot and it's really hard to find someone I trust to take care of her.

I can't stand the idea of her going to a pet store or some snot nosed kid's house where she will be yanked off her branches and man-handled or placed away from a window and mistreated.

Her current enclosure is 4' tall x 4' wide x 2' deep, with multiple pothos plants and vines traversing all over. She has UV light fixture and a small heat lamp and her enclosure is placed in front of a large window. I also have a "fountain" in her enclosure that was supposed to encourage them to drink - but she doesnt really use it, the sound is nice though.

I live in San Antonio, Texas and would love to find another Cham enthusiast who will love her and take very good care of her.

I'm attaching a couple photos of my girl. She got a little hostile when I shoved my camera in her face. Hence the yellow puffed-up throat. What can I say? She's a DIVA.


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She is beautiful, I wish I could take her in but I am out of space. Hoping she finds a wonderful new home!!!
thats good you looking for a better home than the pet shop - :) what ever happened w/ her eggs? did you keep them - or were they no good ?
I am in austin and would be more than happy to help you out. Just send me a message here if you still need to find her a home.

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