Beautiful 5 mo. male blue bar Ambilobe

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I have an amazing male blue bar Ambilobe hold back that I am letting go. He hatched at the beginning of February. His sire is Nimrod. Nimrod was purchased as a hold back from Kammerfalge Kreations and his sire is Crazy Heart. The dam, Camelia, was also purchased from Kammerflage Kreations as a hold back. Her sire is Blue Blaze. I have been EXTREMELY satisfied with all of the babies that they produced. The hold back male for sale is truly spectacular. I believe he will turn out nicer than his sire Nimrod. He is a ferocious eater! He loves dubias, silkworms, mealworms and of course crickets. Not all chams will take dubias, so this is a plus considering how much more nutritious they are than most other feeders. I am asking $300 plus shipping.

The first 2 pics are of the sire and dam. The third pic is of Zues, who is not for sale. Zuess is the brother of the male for sale. He is from the previous clutch.

The male for sale is pictured down below in the reply section

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at one of the following:

[email protected]
903-707-0304 (please text first if possible)


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male for sale

hold back male for sale


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This amazing male is still available! He is showing some nice colors! Just look at the beautiful white around his mouth! I am willing to let him go for $300 SHIPPED! He is sure to make a great breeder or pet!
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