Beans As a Gut Load?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by PrettyInInk87, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. PrettyInInk87

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    Just got some crickets and tossed peices of carrot, potatoe, apple, cooked egg yolk, and lettuce (for moisture) in with them. I'm cooking up some Peruvian Beans right now and was wondering if maybe beans could be mixed into the gut load?:confused: I'm Hispanic so we have beans cooking on the stove ALL the time. Just a thought and wanted to know if anyone uses them, why or why not. I tried googleing it but came up with nothing. :p All I read was people using Green Beans. :)
  2. Maurer3D

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    I would not recommend it. I also don't think the eggs are a good idea (I'm not sure never heard of anyone using them). Carrots, yams and leafy greens high in Calcium is what most people use (uncooked, cooking eliminates some of the benefits). There are also alot of commercially available gutloads like Cricket Crack, which is what I use.

    If you look up as a search "Gutload" (as a thread title search) there is alot of info.
  3. Ace

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    i believe boied egg is ok only... egg white part ( good source of protein)..but yolk im not sure.....

    and i never thought of that...i know pinto beans or maybe beans in general are good source of iron, but not sure of the phosphorus:calcium ratio....ask "sandrachameleon" or look at her blogs about the different veggies and fruits she studied that are good, bad , or ok to use to gutloa crix:)
  4. PrettyInInk87

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    I know about gutloading and have read plenty! I was just wondering about the Pinto or Peruvian beans.:) Thank you!;)
  5. PrettyInInk87

    PrettyInInk87 New Member

    Oh oh, maybe I misread something. Lol! I saw egg and I guess I assumed egg yolk. It was the first time I tried the egg thing. I'll be sure and re-read the egg part. Thank you!:D
  6. sandrachameleon

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    Generally speaking, beans have the wrong calcium to phosphorous ratio. So while your insects may enjoy and benefit from beans, they are not an ideal gutload item. Im not familiar with peruvian beans (might they go by a different name as well?), but for 170grams of Pinto Beans (thats about a cup) there are 250mgs of phosphorous, and only 75mgs of calcium.
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  7. PrettyInInk87

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    Awesome, thank you!:) All I needed to know. Thread closed... :D
  8. sdheli420

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    just to toss it out there...dont crickets stink it up them beans, i think yer just askin for

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