Basking spot?


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How far should the basking spot be from the heating light? I know you should have some higher and lower basking spots right?
What kind of cham and what age?

A panther/veiled would need about 90-95F in a 1 foot area. Do that with a jacksons and you would cook the little guy. Mean while my frilled/iggy wants a 110f basking spot.

Distance doesnt matter, you just want to make sure they cant get so close that they can burn themselves.
i would make sure to keep the basking spot at least 6 inches away from the top of the cage where the basking light rests.
I prefer to keep basking spots 6 to 10" away from the bottom of the bulb. Decrease the distance if more heat is needed, increase the distance if less is needed. You can also adjust bulb wattages to get the temperatures you need. :)

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