Basking question? Where to measure the spot?


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Hi everyone

Quick question?

I'm kind of confused about where to measure the spot for basking. Have a veiled new cage, live plant (umbrella tree). So am I supposed to measure the spot without the cham being in his basking spot? Or the cham being in his spot? When I measure the spot with out him being there the branch he sits on is around 75 degree's, the leaf right next to the spot says 87 degree's. When the cham's in his spot and I take a quick reading off of him it say's 85 degree's. Where do I take the real reading from?

Also does it matter what kind of bulb I use for his basking spot? (Halogen flood light?) Or does it need to be something specific?

using a fluke lazer temp monitor and he's a veiled cham.


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I take the temp on the cham as he tries to hide or gape at me. Based on that temp, give the cham more than one basking spot branch so he can regulate by picking a lower or off to the side of the basking light branch.

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