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So I got banjo from L3reptile about 3 weeks ago and was having eye probs the next day then he started sleeping a lot thru the day I changed around my entire setup to everything he properly needs thru this site and finally a week ago I took him to the vet... Gave me dewormer to give for 4 days, a calcium liquid to give him and also that carnivore care stuff u mix with water and for about 4 days he hasn't eaten any food not interested at all he has 3 feeder cups, crickets, dubias, superworms ... Nothing... He's been more active but keeps eyes closed a lot still... Poo looks good and white parts white... Any tips? He's very skinny rib cage shows and hip bone
Try this.

What I do is get tweezers and put the cricket on it and kind of move it around on a branch so he will get attracted to it. And they really dont a lot the first week so just maybe wait.

Your Chameleon - Veiled chameleon baby about 3-4" got him 3 weeks ago from LLLReptile.

Handling - 2 times a day to feed food from Vet. And give calcium.

Feeding - crickets, Dubia roaches, superworms 3 diff feeder cups put 4 crickets 3 dubias and 3 supers Gutloading with flukers high calcium cricket diet and I have some made of few fruit and greens.

Supplements - Exo terra calcium w/ d3 everyfeeding, calcium w d3 2x month, exo terra multivitamin 2x month

Watering - little dripper that runs all day and good amount at night, mist about 4-5 times a day

Fecal Description - Poo daily good brown color solid white too. Tested for parasites Monday. Came back negative.

History - problems since day1 with eyes but my setup was different at first.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - for first week I had him in an exo terra mini tall terrarium. for 2 weeks been in repti breeze 18x18x36

Lighting - At first was using halogen bulb for basking but changed to regular 40w bulb 2 weeks ago. For UVB first had exo terra compact then got all living things slimline but yesterday my reptisun 5.0 bulb came so that's been in

Temperature - Basking spot is between 87-90 measured with thermometer. Idk bottom of cage. Drops to about 80 at night.

Humidity - humidity stays anywhere from 40-80 from me misting about 4-5 times a day. Have clear shower curtain around with plenty ventilation to add more humidity. Thermometer and humidity gauge are together.
Stays at about 60 all night

Plants - Big umbrella plant with small spider plant on top of that soil to catch more water and two pothos.

Placement - Cage in corner of bedroom not too much traffic two towels for more privacy
Location - located in MA

Current Problem - current problem is I been having problems since day 1 he was keeping one eye closed then started keeping two and sleeping a lot during the day, took to vet got dewormer and calcium and carnivore care stuff to feed him. Been more active but still keeps eyes closed a bit and slightly rests during day, but now he stopped eating anything I'm offering I tried fruit flys, I have the 3 feeders I mentioned earlier all day... Idk what to do he is pretty skinny and his hib bone kinda shows...
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