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how bad do they fly? like if I open the bin to feed- will they all come storming out? I am so scared to try them - but I have gotten over my fear of my Dubai roaches :D ( I still hate them - but at least do not feel sick and swoon when I feed them off, but I am sure I would if one ran on me :eek: and if a banana roach flew in my hair..... :eek: lol ) I was wondering if they are worth the trouble - and are they just as good as the other roaches- I am only considering them because I have one of my guys who is just so picky - he eats very little food options - also - does any one have like 10 or so they would be willing to sell ? I dont want to order a bunch - and then he does not like them -
if anyone feeds them, please let me know what you think of them
Thanks :)
I have a small herd(50 adults and an uncountable amount of babies in compost) the Giant versions. Males can take off and fly out of the tub if they have a 1ft runway and its over 80f out. Females need a 2ft runway. If i had to redo mysetup i would rig up like a 2ft tall 1ft wide tube setup so if you spooked the herd you wouldnt end up with a sea of green in your face.

On the other hand they are very easy to catch. They have no fear and do not run. So they are just hanging out on the wall and you just pick them off as slow as you want and pop them in the tank. They dont try to fly away. My last jail break i had about 20-30 on the wall. It took me all of 10min to catch/pickup a couple in each hand and pop them back in the tank. You just have to remember to keep the sides of the tubs well lubed with coconut or olive oil once a month.

The babies are extremely active like crickets or supers, they never stand still like dubias. Im raising a frilled lizard on them as a cricket replacement till she gets big enough for medium dubia. She wont eat baby dubia since they just walk around alittle and stop.
If you have Dubias, I think you'll love green banana roaches. I have well over a thousand now and none leave the tub when I feed them. My panther (who won't touch Dubia) and Melleri all eat them. I FR all my chams and I just throw a handful of these guys around for the chams to hunt. Unlike Dubias, which can live for months if the chams don't eat them, these guys dry up and die in 2 - 3 days. I have no worries about infestation or bugs all over the house. Well, I do find them in some weird places - but they're dead. If I lived in Florida or California, I might worry - but not in Jersey!

When we moved, I didn't fully clean out the out enclosure and didn't realize that I had dubias still in there. Our stuff was in storage from November to January and when we finally got our stuff I found 5 dubias walking in the old enclosure. 2 months without any food or water and they were still alive lol
my panther wouldnt touch dubias after having no problem with them, guess he got tired of them. I found that if I put a couple super worms in with the dubias in the feeding cup it keeps everyone moving a bit more and he's more likely to eat them. Also, if I found them at the right time, ill grab one of the white ones that recently shed... I think the visual difference between the different roaches keeps the cham interested and he eats em

I do have some banana's mixed in with my dubia colony; the adults do fly if you give them the opportunity but its not like opening a cup of house flies or anything. As said, they need a bit of a runway or they'll just fly into the side of the container
ok - I already had visions of "the birds" roach style :eek: LOL - I am such a wussy when it come to having bugs get on me that I do not want on me :eek:
soooooooooo I guess I need to find a few and try them :rolleyes:
I do not have a fondness for the roach... I started a colony a few weeks ago with 30. They are supposedly nocturnal and I have found that I have to search for them when I mist the container or feed them during the day. So far I have found them pretty easy and I had the EXACT same fear of the giant swarm flying in my hair!
I had the EXACT same fear of the giant swarm flying in my hair!

so I am not the only one :p - I am hearing good things about them - like they are even "cute" :cool: - lol but I hear the do not just go nuts and fly like they are mad - I will keep everyone posted on how they do when they get here - I am a tad nervous - and already have my nets ready ;)
sometimes they escape..
so you are sitting there watching TV and suddenly you realise that something is flying across the room:)
they are very easy to catch though when they land
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