Bamboo Enclosure Build


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I was thinking about this idea since post from sking21... I cant get the idea out of my head to save my life. So just to calm my creative mind I have questions. I was looking at websites and checking on prices then the question came to me:

What thickness would support 2-3 bottom plants and a hanging plant? I know that bamboo is thicker than normal would.

Does bamboo need to be water sealed as well?

Im thinking 2'x2'x4' with a 2' stand with wheels.

I was thinking about putting it together with twine and hot glue. Letting it dry out of course before use.

I cant get the ideal out of my head so please someone ease my creative mind


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ha, you sound like I did when I heard some friends were cutting down two enormous crepe myrtle trees.

This is what I did

For the bamboo you want to use, I would worry about hot glue as it really isn't very strong. The twine might help keep it together. You might be able to drill some pilot holes and then use screws and brackets to put it together. That is what I did with these tree limb, then covered the brackets with twine.


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Im thinking about getting some 2" thick 6' or 7' long bamboo poles. Found some on my be awhile till I can do this though. Just a 4 pack is $75+
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