bad tongue shot related to being gravid?

little leaf

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hmmmm- the last 3 days Olive has not seem to have very good tongue aim, her tongue is very strong - she will knock your finger back pretty good - but her aim is off just a bit- she will miss like one or 2 X's - but also her edema is getting pretty big in the morning ,and I always feed in the AM - it seems by the late afternoon , the edema is not as bad - could the edema be related to this and that it is slugs this time- I think- :confused: and not babies - ( ) I still put her out every morning, if what she is caring is slugs, I dont care if she has them in the big outside cage, and if it is babies, I know they are not ready, so it is safe to put her out right now- its just her aim has me a bit worried - its not every time, or ever feeder- but she has never missed before -
thanks for any info
My veiled girl get edema pretty bad during infertile egg production and a while after laying. It does interfere with her aim and also her swallowing. There's not much you can do about it really but during this time I just hold bugs closer and she just nabs them out of my hand :) as soon as the edema goes away get aim goes back to normal (amazing!) so I don't see it as cause for concern.
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