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Hello everyone, I start my day off very sad as I’m to announce that Algae suddenly passed away in his sleep last night.

I have no clue what happened or why he passed, I was going to feed my chameleons this morning when I noticed algae wasn’t basking perusal, I went to his sleep spot and thats when I noticed him clung up to his sleeping spot. His eyes were sunken in, and Rigor Morris had set in.

He was active last night as he went to his sleep spot, and ate a hornworm and silk worm two days ago. So this comes as a surprise to me.

I’m sad, but happy to know that he got the proper care and treatment needed to live a short, but healthy life, and didn’t die from a respiratory infection in the pet store with no love or care.


I left him laying on the leaf of his enclosure so I can bury him when I get home. He’s in his resting colors, so I assume he (hopefully) passed peacefully in his sleep.


Even though he wasn’t even here for a year, I’ll still miss my cheeky little boy. What a beautiful little man, I’m happy he lived his last days hungry and happy lol!

Maybe it’s just a sign to go find another chameleon to rescue, for now, his enclosure with be decontaminated and empty, incase his spirit wants to return one last time.


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Dammit......just left a tear for this little fella......RIP Algae 💚
Loved to follow all of posts of him, sad or happy. NOW HE NEEDS TO WIN THE PHOTO CONTEST, SO WE CAN ENJOY HIM A BIT LONGER!!! (HE ALREADY HAD MY VOTE)

One thing is for sure you did your best and he had the best last weeks of his life. Seeing him dead in his resting colours should confirm this 🙌🙌


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Don't feel too bad. Wild caught lateralis are notoriously short lived and sometimes die for seemingly no reason at all (although their relatively short lifespan in the wild, immense stress during import etc. all contribute). Sounds like you did your best for him, so rest easy knowing you likely did elevate his standard of care and gave him a good situation for the remainder of his life.


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Thank you all for your kind words, it really means a lot ❤️.

I took him in knowing he might not live super long, but it’s still sad when they pass. I’m just happy I was able to help him have a good remainder of his life.



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I’m so sorry and saddened by this but you did give him the best life for the rest of his life and I’d like to believe that he’s in chameleon heaven with all the rest of our beloved chameleons. I think he went peacefully and that is proven in the fact he went in his peaceful colors. Rest In Peace sweet Algae!


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That sucks.😞 It's amazing how your helping and saving chams I really want to do that one day. (wish I could now)
One day you can. You don’t have to have a huge rescue, I definitely don’t have the money or space for that. If you’re wanting to rescue an animal, just take one home and keep it as a pet. That’s what I do, you’re not saving all the chameleons I’m the world but you’re saving one.

Even then, if you don’t want to keep it in the long run, nurse it back to health and sell it when it’s ready to go. Then go and find another one.

Just make sure you’re ready incase a sick animal passes on you, and that you know what you’re doing to help nurse it.
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