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i'll probably go with shower liner but should i put it on the inside or outside of the cage? if it's the outside, how would i effectively stop the water from going down the liner and below the cage? I appreciate any help.


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I would go along the outside of the cage. There's less of a chance your cham will try to climb it and fall (or poke holes in it)

We actually just bought a shower liner at target for $2.30. Have not put it up yet but I was going to pin it to the wall just so the wall doesn't get ruined.
We also have contact paper that i was going to use along with some cardboard to make a divider between the cages when we get our misting system.

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You could use screws to make it very secure, like the black ones I pmed you.

You could then leave extra length at the bottom, and place it inside your drainage reservoir. This way, any water running down it would be lead into the reservoir. ;)


I use a clear shower curtain around the outside around the sides and back. I also used small dabs of hot glue.My cage sits on a bird cage stand and I tucked the extra curtain under the cage and into my drainage bucket. Works great.:D
I used some press n seal wrap. When you press it along the frame it sticks pretty well. It's been keeping in the over spray from the rain dome pretty well so far.
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