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i have a young veiled chameleon and my enclosure is wooden and on the 2 sides and the back walls i have a jungle affect the problem i have is he keeps trying to climb it and i have a fountain in the corner and while trying to grab this jungle looking background he has fallan just wanted to know if you guys recomend removing this so he doesnt think its somthing to climb my idea to have it in was to make him fell at home
thanks in advance
You need to post a picture as your description is hard to visualize.
We can address the fountain later but in my opinion it needs to be removed.
Are there sufficient plants and branches for him to climb on?
Your enclosure should be heavily planted.

It sounds like you have your chameleon in a glass tank, with a jungle image background taped to the back like fish tanks might have . Your chameleon seems to try to climb the image, that you thought would make him feel at home, correct?

If so, my suggestion would be to just add a green paper to the back, and to add much denser vegitation inside the enclosure.
yes your right will but its a wooden tank but the rest is right ill try just put a greeb backing on
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