Baby vieled holding his eye shut


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hameleon Info:

Your Chameleon - male vieled, young (? petco purchase so I don't know how old but about as long as my thumb) I've had for 1 week 3 days
Handling - have only handled 3 maybe 4 times since we've had him
Feeding - Feeding medium crickets about 10 every am with mini meal worms available all day, crickets are on flukers high-calcium diet and cricket quencher, he has a very good appetite and hunts regularly, I do not find many dead crickets
Supplements - repashy superfood calcium plus crickets dusted daily
Watering - drip system and misting 3-4 times daily, basically until everything is dripping wet, I saw and videoed him drinking day 2 but haven't seen it since
Fecal Description - stool this am was quite impressive maybe 1/2 his body length, brown and white
History - Petco reported they were having "trouble" with the chams this round as they were much smaller than they were supposed to be and to "keep my receipt"

Cage Info:

Cage Type - homemade from a 10gallon tank, pvc, screen and acrylic. The tank basically is just containing the water from my zealous misting/dripping. I took the height up to almost 36" with the pvc, the wrapped the sides and back in screen. The front is a piece of acrylic.
Lighting - I have a 50w spot light for basking, a SunGloExo Terra Repti Glo 10.0 Compact Desert UVB Bulb 13W (I realized when I got it home it said desert), and a red light for night time heat. (we're in Montana)
Temperature - basking spot is about 85, he never leaves the top 1/2 of the cage which stays about 75. It might get down to 67 in the house at night but he has the red bulb. I have the daylights on a timer for 12 hours. I have had a the uv light off for the past 2 days because I've been concerned about his eyes.
Humidity - I don't have a gauge for humidity cuz petco only has he round disk ones and I've heard they suck. Petco is the only game in town and I've been meaning to get one online. I've just been erroring on the side of misting often.
Plants - I have 3 potted pothos in the cage with leaves or branches interconnecting them. the branches are off my apple tree that I cured in the oven.
Placement - The cage is in my living room on top of a table with his normal hanging out spot about eye level with the tallest adult in the house.
Location - Montana

Current Problem - I've noticed for the past 3 days that he's been holding one eye shut. When I first noticed it I immediately turned off my uv light worried it might be too much. He is still pretty active although maybe not as much today? I could just be making that up as the worry wort mom. He hangs out in his "spot" the basking area most of the day but goes on little trips around snagging a cricket here and there. His tail is curled he is not doing any weird breathing although he was more upset with my misting this am and hissed at me with more energy than he normally does. His color is still a pretty green and I couldn't find him in the leaves this am (momentary heart failure). I did notice him rubbing his eye on his branch just 10 minutes ago but I've never seen him do that before. No nasal or ocular discharge. I am a certified veterinary technician although I do not specialize in reptiles. I've waited 20 years to get my first cham because I knew I would have to be ready and don't want to lose him. I know most of the vets in the area and I'm not sure we really have a true reptile vet although Petco uses one I don't really know much about. The ones I know well don't know enough to really be helpful (their words not mine :) )





the pic I'm attaching: 1) enclosure 2) day 1 at home 3) day 3 or 4 in the sun 4) eye yesterday



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I have been watching him very closely today and I have seen him stretch his neck out with his head up and open his mouth and gulp. I have seen him do this several times today usually while in his basking spot. What are signs of respiratory infections?


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It's usually recommended that you up the misting to help your cham get whatever is irritating his eye out. and of course try to find a reputable vet for chams.
As far as the stretching his neck and gulping could very well be the start of a shed. but check the care resources also to make sure its nothing more serious.


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He just shed last Thursday and it was a pretty good shed. I've been misting the heck out of him. He's getting crabby everytime I approach his house...he settles right down. I'm also turning my red light off tonight since I was reading they don't really need that.


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been watching him again and he's just holding the left eye shut. I added a small personal humidifier to his cage (although I'm not sure it's doing anything for the humidity up where he hangs out...still working this one out). With it just being the one eye, is it more likely an infection or foreign body? or could it still be the lights? I had them off for 3 days with no improvement. Is gentamycin opth the antibiotic of choice for these guys?


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Woa, that sucks. Raise the misting to help with his eye irritation. Its most likely that he had some particle get caught under his eyelid during his last shed. Also... That pic shows that he can bask at literally 1 inch away from your light fixture. I would lower the branches to keep some distance away from the highest reachable basking area and the light. Chams don't always know best. I have seen some Veiled youngsters stay in hot basking spots, with their eyes shut and gaping. I learned that instincts do not always kick in for them, they will stay in a hot/bright areas until they cook or go blind.
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