Baby veils male/female help


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I just bought two baby veils m/f...both about 2 inches long fully extended. The male eats but not as much as i would like, and the female is taking a lil longer to acclimate...I am a first time reptile owner and learning as much as i can. I know the acclimation period varies from cham to cham , but i am worried about the effect its having on the female. I am switching up their food and adding more foliage. Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated. Also i am misting 2 times a day with an average temp being 83. My cage is 18 18 24 side glasss with mesh top. i have uvb bulb and a heat lamp ..... oh yeah i got them Saturday, the 10th.... Thanks and ill post pics of my set up tomorrow


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Well if you just got them they might not eat for a few days so I wouldnt be completely worried about that. If they dont eat at all I would try changing their diet and offering other feeders. Make sure you arent around their enclosures a lot and they have lots of hiding places so they feel comfortable. Try misting them more and for a couple minutes so a lot of big water droplets form everywhere.

Now are they housed in the same enclosure. ? They need their own, so if they are one needs a new home right away. If they are together this might be whats stressing the female out and causing her to not drink.


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try not to change things around to much babies stress very easy, also separating them would be a good idea. and it can take a couple days for them to acclimate and finally eat, it took one of my chams 3 days before he decided to eat and be social and he was a full grown adult.
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