Baby veiled keeps falling over/playing dead


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I have a baby chameleon who was born 3 days ago. He seems to be very lively though one minit he's running along fine the next minit he falls over and doesn't move at all then 30 seconds or so later hes up again running around. It looks like the fainting goat thing you see on youtube ect.:D
When he collapses he does'nt move at all and i cant even see him breathing and he really does look dead, though as i said after 30secs i see his chest start moving as he seems to start breathing again and he slowly will get up and start walking/climbing about again.
He keeps doing this and im wondering if this is normal for a new born or not?
You said you have A baby, where are the rest of the clutch? Is this just the first one born, or did you get it somehow at that age? It sounds like it is damaged. How are you caring for it? Are you keeping it warm - what temp, how about water, light? Could you describe as much about the set up and where it came from as you can?
doesent sound good..even tho it is cute it could be a seriouse problem..chameleons dont just run, then collapse like a autistic child...hopefully it is a fixable issue...good luck!
The rest of the clutch hasnt been born yet, im still waiting for 18 more eggs to hatch. im keeping him in a small tub with uv light and heating as i do all my reptiles. i will take some pics now and post them asap!
im keeping him at around 76f and spraying 3-4 times aday with water. The set up at the moment is a small tub with small canes and string and plants to hide in. This isnt my 1st veild just my 1st batch of babys/baby. The tub in the pic is what i made after getting advice of others on the forum, I have made 4 in total so far and keep them under a uv strip. I will try and get a pic of him when he goes into is state of sleep which I should also mention that when it happens i cant wake him by touch as he doesnt even move when touched when he does it. Here are some pics of him and eggs ect...



I agree all you can do is watch him and see what happens. I would take the wood chips out of the bins as it will make it very hard for baby chams to fine crickets. That is my only suggestion - you seem to have every thing correct. You spray the leaves and the sides of the tub and not the cham it's self right? Even a small drop directly on a baby can go up there nose and be a problem,
Let us know how he does. Can't wait to see all the other hatch.:)
yes i only spray the leafs and sides not the chameleon its self. im feeding fruit flys at the moment which are getting everywhere!:eek:
should i use anything on the floor? as i was told maybe kitchen roll would that be better? (if i dont ask i wont know!:)) all advice is welcome as you can never know to much!!!
I'd probably cut the substrate.

Here's the first (and currently only) baby I have right now (if you can find him ;))
Gotta clean it out today, dumb crickets pooping everywhere :(


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