Baby Veiled color question


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Hello all, as a new cham owner, I am still learning about my new baby and noticed some cool patterns on my male. I could not manage a picture, but he will get dark green and white patterns along his spine, and the rest of his body will be a bright green. I have only seen this pattern when he is near the uvb lamp. It is not touching the screen nor is it hot, it just seems strange to me that he only does it underneath it. Sometimes i see him circling the top of the cage around the lamp as if he is doing some ritual haha. Is this normal?


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Managed a picture, sorry for quality.


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I believe that he is changing because they often darken their skin to better absorb light. It's for basking :]


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They do get darker when they are trying to bask, and babies often develop neat patterns that they do not really hold into adult hood. Your baby looks quite pretty, and the pattern changes you're seeing look fairly normal.

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