Baby Veiled Chameleon Passed Away in 2 Days :(


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This exact same thing happened to me only mine lasted 6 days. I was completely devastated. Mine was also from petsmart and was told that he was in good health, the first 2 days seemed normal. The last 4 were terrible and very sad.

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your setup looks good, as others said, there are many breeders on this site of different species, jacksons, veiled, panthers, I'd get a healthy one!! put it right in your current setup!!! sorry about your loss, it was not your fault!!!


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I appreciate the kind words. It has been a bit discouraging but we will definitely look into those podcasts and find another sweet chameleon to give a great life to. Thanks so much :)
We just raised one since August and he has just died Feeling sad and not sure about why but something to do with the lighting i think


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