Baby Parsons for sale


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Not sure if its legit but on fauna they'res someone selling baby parsons for $1,250.00
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Jay Sick

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Well if you want the whole lot better ask fast cause when I last spoke to the gentleman selling the parson Babies KEY WORD babies that is why they are that price. Hey had a ton of emails the dude selling them is totally legit if you like I can post a pic of my amazing wc Tamatve male I got off him. They are CBCB BABY PARSONS. If my check clears before he sells out I will be taking a pair, I am 32 I have known that dude since I was 19 He is legit and works the trade shows over here on the east coast. He is also very reputable in the trade so if your interested act now.


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I appreciate you vouching for him Jay...just seems a little fishy to me. Maybe I am wrong, but I have never seen Parsons being sold for anything close to that price...Usually I am seeing 2500-3500 each. But maybe this is just someone looking to unload a bunch of extremely rare and sought after chameleons for far less than market value?


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He is asking full price for "sub adults" $2400.
He said they are all CB from europe.

He is also on kingsnake.

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