Baby Panthers Keep Dying


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I had gotten some eggs from someone who pretty much neglected all their chameleons when they got bored with them. All of their chameleons died from neglect besides the eggs and one male I rescued from this person.
The eggs started hatching and everything was great. Unfortunately around 3 weeks after a baby would hatch, it would unexpectedly die. Eating, drinking, active. and then the next day upside down dead on a branch. I am down to only one now that is a week old.
I had a reptile expert who is well known in the field come to my house (he used to breed panther chameleons 20 or so years ago as well) and he told me that the eggs and babies are very small. One had just emerged out of the egg when he came over. He saw my set up and did not see anything wrong with it. I have raised 4 week old panther before into adulthood, caring for them how I have been these babies. (pretty standard setup, by the book lighting, humidity, heat, ect) He said that my dusting schedule was perfect. He also said that his guess would be that the female who laid the eggs was not healthy and/or too young and that he had had this issue with a few clutches in the past. I have not seen any other panther eggs in person, so it is hard for me to compare. The eggs are right about 1mm, maybe slightly larger.
Has anyone heard of this? What are your thoughts?


Right after one died. Was active and eating literally an hour before it died. 3wks

Another right before it died. It was keeping its eyes closed. 3wks
I do not know about the size of the eggs, but if the mom died from poor husbandry, then it is a good possibility that the babies were not given proper nutrition and are therefor weak.
How awful for you to have to watch babies die because someone else did not take care of the mother. At least this is one of the times when you know it is not your fault. Thanks for at least trying.
Thanks for the encouragement. It is really depressing. I keep questioning myself about what i can do differently to get them to live. I have been feeding them fruit flies. Maybe I should switch to pinheads?
Can I see a picture of your baby set up? I hope that didn't sound weird. Something isn't right here. Babies that can eat and drink fine for three weeks usually just don't die for no reason. I have an idea, but I need to see pictures of the exact setup you're using.
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