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I have posted in the breeding section but have yet to receive one reply. I was wondering if anybody could give some advice/ share their methods on raising some healthy little babies the first few weeks up until about eating.
Thank you very much
Hi, sorry no one replied. I don't have experience with babies, but I know there are plenty of info on the forum. Try to search baby-related phases and I'm sure you will find what you're looking for, but if you don't, you can try to send PMs to experienced breeders if you still won't get answers here.
What exactly would you like to know?

Hatchlings may not eat the first day or so out of the egg.

They eat fruit flies and pinhead crickets for the first weeks or so, then can go off primarily pinhead crickets as fruit flies get too small for them.

once to acertain size, they can eat any bugs, as long as they are the right size.

Dubia nymphs are great too.

As for supplementing, I did repashy all in one calcium plus 3 times a week with the babies.
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Thanks! I was only asking because the guy I got them from did his little trick where he drops the incubation temp for a month and the babies will hatch at around 6-7 months every time. I believe it makes them premature and way more sensitive. I was only given a few babies but they came out so scrawny looking except and only two will open their eyes.. :/ Im going to have to face nature I guess. Im pretty sure he had a whole system set up to rejuvenate and revive the babies but it is just unnatural and too difficult. ( 7 minutes of heat 5 times a day with u v light on and off, 2 inches away and frequent misting.)
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