Baby Panther Cage Setup


Needed to put together a baby cage this morning and figured I would post up some pictures of my setup it has worked very well for raising baby panthers.

First everything needed for the cage.

1. Small Jungle vine
2. Fluker Repta-vine
3. 18" reptisun 5.0
4. 5.5 Clamp Lamp
5. Washed and repotted small schefflera
6. Screen top Wedge for Mist King Nozzle
7. 4" zip Ties for attaching everything to the screen
8. Mistking misting nozzle
9. 18" Fluorescent Fixture
10. 16"x16"x20" LLL screen cage

First I wash both vines that will be going inside the cage then while they are drying put the cage together and attach the misting nozzle.

Next I attach the jungle vine to the screen cage with zip ties.

Next I attach the Repta-vine to the screen and jungle vine with the zip ties.

Finally snip off all of the zip ties and add the plant and lights. For the clamp lamp I use only a 25 watt bulb nothing higher. For the misting cycle I mist 6 times a day between 30-45 seconds. The temperature in the room I keep my babies is around 75 degrees.

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