Baby Jax’s hunting habits leave me doubtful...


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Hello fellow Cham lovers!
I have a baby Jackson named Jax whose hunting has me a little worried. I’ve had him for about 2-3 weeks now and I’ve been feeding him crickets and flightless fruit flies dusted 2X a week. I choose to let the feeders loose in his cage so he can experience the hunting aspect but this also means I don’t really notice when he does eat them. There will still be crickets or flies after a couple of days of me putting them in there, leaving me to think he isn’t getting them. I have seen him go down to the bottom and hunt a couple of times, but not other then that.
I have tried leaving some insects in cups at the bottom of the cage or even the middle, making it easily accessible to him, but they still look untouched.

what else can I do? He walks opposite direction when I try to hand feed too.


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I do "feeding tubs" if i dont have a misting system. Just put a 4-6" deep tub that is not see through at the bottom of the cage, even half the bottom of the cage isnt too big. The put some sticks over it etc. This way you can tell if he is eating or not, when hes not fully feeder/cup trained.
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