Baby chameleon biting temperate gauge cable


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So I've been noticing my baby chameleon occasionally climb to the bottom of his cage. He doesn't get on the floor just really close. Well today I watched him climb down right to where the black circle is on the lower back and start biting the cable that leads out to the temperature gauge. I take it out of his mouth and he will stop but he went back down and did it again. I'm obviously not going to beable to sit here and watch him and make sure he isn't gnawing on it so what do you suggest I do?
I take it you have a veiled...

Anyway you can wrap the cable with any number of things. I would try wrapping it in velcro first. Other that that there is lots of plastic sheathing you can pickup that is meant for wire management.
He's actually a nosy be panther chameleon. Right before I left for work I checked on him and he was sitting at the very bottom of the cage. I've had him a little over a month and this is the first I'm seeing him do it. I put him up on the top branch before I left so we will see if he made his way back down when I get home. Definitely will look into wrapping the wire. Thanks
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